Monday, June 6, 2011

Rosary Cottage Week Three

After my cousins left, my friends Dee and Laurie came to visit for 10 days.  Neither had been to England before and both are very interested in the metaphysical world.  Needless to say, the mystical sites were high on their to-do list.

They did not share my creepiness at the Rollright Stones (they think it's my imagination, NOT!)

They also toured the Cotswolds and Wales.  Here they are at Sudeley Castle, home of Henry VIII last wife, Catherine Paar.  They were hiding in the garden maze.

See those smiling faces, that was BEFORE their individual crises!

First Laurie, who was unfamiliar with British foods, decided to try some double cream.  That in itself is a good thing (especially in coffee).  However, she thought it would be good to have it with her frosted flakes.  Sooooo she had a nice big bowl of frosted flakes cereal and double cream for breakfast before we left for the day. 

 BIG mistake. 

 For those of you unfamiliar with double cream, it is very thick and very rich.  A tablespoon goes a very long way and is all you need.  So imagine a cup!!  Needless to say within an hour of our tour Laurie stated getting the gurgling, explosive results of double cream overdose.  (Think lactose intolerance side effects and being trapped in a car for 10 hours and you get the picture!) 
That was a very looooong day for Laurie.

Then there was Dee.

Dee, my practical friend, brought rechargeable batteries for her camera.  She set up her adapter and was recharging her batteries when BOOM!  All I heard was a a panicked voice that said she heard a pop and smoke coming out of the outlet!  I told her to shut it down immediately since we were in a 600 year old cottage and the last thing we wanted to do was be the ones that burned it to the ground.

We were scheduled to tour that day so being the conscientious tenants we were we called and left a message for the landlord.  We told her we didn't know what happened but thought she should know.  When we came home later that day we found a note from the electrician stating he had checked the plug and nothing was amiss and that we should check the adapter.  Sure enough Dee's adapter was history so there went $20! (We thought.) 

A week later I got an email from the landlord stating that there would be a 48 pound charge for the electrician's visit and how did we want to pay.  That cost Dee another $80. So much for being conscientious!

Moral of the story:  Next time you hear a pop and see smoke,
let the f..... burn to the ground!

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