Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Windsor Castle, Runnyeade and Thames River Picnic

With 1000 rooms, Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited castle in England and is a favorite home of Queen Elizabeth II.

William the Conqueror first ordered a castle be built on the site, King John stayed here while waiting to sign the Magna Carta, Queen Victoria mourned her beloved husband Albert who died there in 1861 and the Royal Family waited out World War II behind its walls.

Located by the Thames River, Queen Elizabeth I fled there from nearby London during the plague and ordered anyone coming there from the city executed.

It is an imposing structure located by the scenic Thames River.  This is the the town of Windsor near to where you enter the castle.

And here is Windsor Castle.

I do not currently have pictures of the interior of the castle and St Greorge's Chapel but will add them later.

Here's a pretty girl in period dress outside the castle gates.

Near to Windsor is Runnymeade where King John signed the Magna Carta, one of the world's greatest documents.

This structure marks the spot where the actual signing took place.

The Thames River runs near to this site so we planned a picnic. It is a picturesque setting with slow moving boat traffic cruising by.

We decided it would be fun to have a picnic by the the Thames River.  We had gone to a deli in the Cotswolds and purchased fresh baked bread, local cheese, ham, fruit and cookies.  Here's Laura with the Thames River in the background attempting to slice the bread. 

We abandoned that idea so Tim sat the loaf on a nearby wooden railing and hacked it off for us so we could make some really good sandwiches.  Tim turned us on to "doorsteps" (the end of the bread) slathered with mayo, jam and cheese.  It was actually pretty good but I think I'll leave the mayo off next time!

It was a gorgeous day and perfect setting.

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