Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Costa Rica....the Flower of Cental America

I really liked Costa Rica.  I liked the beauty of the landscape, the friendliness of the people and the interesting things to do.  It is a beautiful country from the sea and the beaches are littered with driftwood.

We rode through the highlands into the mountains on our way to a traditional coffee plantation where we learned all about how coffee is harvested. 

Let me tell you it is back breaking work.

The tiny red berries are hand picked since only the red ones are the best quality.

This little boy was modeling the basket the natives wear to gather the berries and they get $2 for a 25 pound basket of coffee.

We were shown the plantation and how the coffee was sorted, processed and  roasted.  It is a coop of local workers who create these products and live in the area.



It was actually very interesting and the final product was delicious.

After leaving the plantation we were taken to an oxcart factory where they make the colorful oxcart used throughout the country for festivities.  They are all hand made and hand painted, a laborious task.

Overall we really enjoyed this excursion because we learned so much about the people, way of life, cost of living, schools for the children, lots of local information from our guide who was excellent.

I can easily see why so many people go to Costa Rica to vacation and live.  It is a beautiful country with welcoming people and is very inexpensive.  I'd visit Costa Rica again.

Next post the Panama Canal transit.......

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