Monday, December 9, 2013

Transitting the Panama Canal.......

I have now been through the world's two great canals, the Suez and the Panama.  None could be more different.  The Suez is a continuous waterway dug through barren desert and you view the occasional village.  The Panama Canal however is an incredible engineering feat that is almost difficult to believe.

Our ship is the widest and tallest that is allowed in to the canal. After we started through I could see why.

The ships were lined up waiting as we entered through Panama's pastoral landscape.

The bowcam gave everyone a front row seat.

Guided by tugs, we entered the locks.

To say it is a tight squeeze is an understatement.  It is nothing short of amazing.

These tugs are leading a tanker in the oncoming lane!

Carolyn had been upgraded to a killer suite so hosted our Panama Canal crossing.  It began with a light breakfast and champagne. It was followed by assorted sandwiches and pizza for lunch as we glided across the lake in the center of the canal and was the perfect way to make the crossing!!

I am not too mechanically gifted so I am sure others could appreciate this crossing better than I but it was a fascinating experience.

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