Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Panama Canal Cruise...Norwegian Star

Well, I am off again on another adventure.  This time there are 4 of us traveling from Los Angeles to Miami via the Panama Canal.

This time I am on the Norwegian Star.

I really like Norwegian Cruise Lines.  The people are great, big casino, lots of perks.

Here's my room........

Our itinerary includes Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Huatalco, Puerto Chapias, the Panama Canal and Cartegena before docking in Miami.

We flew JAX to LAX and stayed at the Hilton LAX, nice hotel with a shuttle and they arranged a private transfer to the port for us.

On our way out of port we passed the USS Iowa which is a tourist attraction here.....

Now to be fair, I am not a big Mexico fan which I will explain later.  However I had often heard of these ports of call but never visited.

Next post I will tell you all about them.....at least the parts I saw!

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