Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exciting Cartegena!!!

I don't know if it's the emeralds or what but Cartegena is an exciting city!  It has it's own South American vibe.  Old and new side by side, throbbing and pulsating, frenzied, hot, exciting all at the same time.

It is a beautiful city.  High rises dot the skyline and the colonial old town has wonderful architecture.

The city wall and fort are still intact as well.

However Columbia also has a long history drugs and corruption.  These were two of Pablo Escobar's houses.

People make their living here, like everywhere else, however they can. Some push carts, others carry and still others work in the gem industry.


Of course, we were in Columbia so we wanted to see and buy emeralds.  Our cab driver took us to Bocagrande (local place all the taxis take you to and get a little kickback from the owners) that also had a good reputation for quality emeralds.  We took the little tour through the factory......

 and then reached the shop.  That's where I got in trouble.  This bracelet just had my name all over it and was calling to me to take it home. 

                                                                               So I did.

That's another trip in the books.  Next week it's Belize, Honduras and the other coast of Mexico. I'm really looking forward to seeing Tulum.

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