Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day Tour to Stonehenge, Highclere, Windsor and Cliveden

I have been to Stonehenge several times but my cousins had never been.  The place has changed entirely (not the Stones but the Visitor Center) enter from a different road, take a tram to the site and they have a small exhition area.

This is how the stones were transported....

And this is how the people lived.......

After Stonehenge we drove to my high point of the day, Highclere.....

And this is all you will see, no photos allowed inside.  However we did see where all the filming takes place and the grand staircase where George Clooney's bride will make her entrance next week!
Then it was on to Windsor Castle.  Once again I have already been there so my cousins went there while I went to Clivden.  Once again no pictures.  However it was owned by the Astors, given as a wedding present to the son.  I had always wanted to tkae a tour but was disappointed in it.  They only show you two rooms, the main salon and dining room.  Granted they were spectacular but I don't think I would make a special trip again.

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