Monday, September 8, 2014

Goodbye London, Hello Edinburgh!

Everyone left for the US except for me.  I was bound for Edinburgh via EasyJet, a regional carrier, to meet my friend Carolyn.  Expecting to meet in baggage claim, little did we know that Edinburgh has two baggage areas in that small airport.  After a bit of confusion we met at our Royal Mile apartment.

This was my first experience with Air BNB to rent an apartment and I was thrilled.  Talk about perfect location.  It was directly over a pub, across from World's End, a grocer was across the street and the on off bus to EVERYWHERE was 50 feet up the street.

This is our building...

Our apartment was right above the entrance to the pub.

Except for once a night in the early evening when they sent the bottles down the chute with a clatter, you could hear no noise!
It was directly across the street from World's End pub, one of the most popular in Edinburgh.  It was so named because the old city gates used to end there and this was the last building inside.

Edinburgh is a VERY old city with a lot of charm and beauty all it's own....

We opted to wait to take the on off bus another day so just went to the organic market then had lunch at another of Edinburgh's most famous pubs, Deacon Brodie's, which is located near Edinburgh Castle.

Carolyn needed a phone so we did some shopping then headed home since we had a very early start planned for the next day, our tour to Glamis and Balmoral!

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