Saturday, September 6, 2014

Here We Go...Lots of European Capitals!

I'm not real sure how it happened but this time I am going to a lot of European capitals.  I started out with a trip to Ireland and a cruise to Iceland but somehow I ended up with an 8 week trip and a lot of major cities.

My cousin, friend and I drove to Orlando and caught a Virgin flight from MCO to Gatwick.  This was my first upper class experience (first class) and there is no way I'm going back to premium economy, I am spoiled now.

Big, comfortable seats, an ottoman foot rest, huge dining table, a great menu and lie flat seats for sleeping.  When I changed into a sweatshirt to sleep, the stewardess made up my bed complete with pillow and duvet.  I watched a movie in bed and would have slept the night away had the flight not encountered a lot of turbulence.

Upon arrival in Gatwick we transferred to a house in Richmond which I had exchanged for my beach house.  Although not as convenient as a central London location, we just used car to transfer us around which was far less expensive than hotel rooms since there were four of us traveling together on this first leg of my journey.

Having been to London several times there will not be too much content on the city other than some idea of how we spent our days.

So here we go......

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