Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Akaroa and Lord of the Rings

Our next stop was Akaroa where we would go see where Lord of the Rings second movie was shot.

We had to use a tender to go ashore which was anew adventure for me although uneventful.

On our way to see the movie area we traveled through the Canterbury plain, a mainly farming area.

We stopped at a unique vacation area close to our final destination.  It is a vacation community completely off the grid.  The residents have to provide for all their needs and apparently it is a very popular place.

The views were stunning once again.

We traveled down the narrow track that had to be used for all the filming which must have been a nightmare although Peter Jackson arrived via helicopter.

Our guide for this area was the man who won two Oscars for sound mixing.  One was for Lord of the Rings and the other was for King Kong.  It was very interesting to hear about his Oscar experience.

He also brought along a local actor who was the body double for Gandolf in the film.  the elderly gentleman and our guide regaled us with many stories about the film.

We returned the beautiful little harbor from which we left after a full day of Lord of the Rings trivia!

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