Thursday, February 7, 2013

Around the World in 90 Days!!!!

Well, I'm off again! 

This time I'm filling my bucket list and going around the world!

I left JAX bound for LA on Southwest then opted to spend the night at the LAX Hilton.  Thank God!  I would have been DOA if I had attempted to fly straight through to Sydney. 

Then it was wonderful Virgin Australia via my award business class ticket.  I love Virgin.  They are wonderful as are those great lie flat seats.  I actually slept about 6 hours which was heaven.  Those recliner seats and elevated foot rests are also a wonderful addition while enduring a 15 hour flight!!

My seat mate was a fascinating guy who owned a company that provides all kinds of survival gear sold in Walmarts and Costco.  He provided aid to Sandy victims and told me a lot about Katrina.  Very nice man, married two kids, involved with philanthropy.  I got one of his catalogues so I can stock up my hurricane closet!

We arrived into Sydney, Australia at 6 AM and breezed through customs.  By 7 AM I was standing in front of the hotel clerk asking if I could get into my room 8 hours early!!!

I now love Virgin AND Meriton  Luxury Serviced Apartments on Campbell St. 

They let me check on in since a room was available and what a great room it was!  I got a studio complete with washer dryer, kitchen area, dining area, king size bed and adjoining garden area on the 11th floor!  The grocery store was two blocks away and they provided all kinds of amenities including soap for the washer.

I wish these places were everywhere!!!

After sleeping the day away, I was ready to explore Sydney the following morning.

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