Friday, February 15, 2013

Wellington, The Storm Coast and Sheepdogs

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is a large city that houses their Parliament.

Once again they have some strange art.  I don;t know what these guys are pushing!
Many of the house are built on steep hills and the owners have their own cable cars.  The smallest is a chair lift, the largest for a vehicle for handicapped people.
We traveled along a very narrow road only accessible with permission.  It hugs the coast and is know for its rocky shoreline and beautiful views.
The shoreline is littered with driftwood.

And has not one but two lighthouses, the top one doesn't work!

The drive also offers some stunning views of the South Island in the distance.

We arrived at Pencarrow Lodge perched on the cliff where they had vineyards, New Zealand wine is becoming very popular and also raised sheep with the requisite sheepdogs.

The sheepdogs are specially trained.  One drives the sheep out and the other drives the sheep in.  It was actually fascinating that they could be trained to do this.

I have a renewed appreciation for our beaches since there are not as many or as large as we enjoy.

However, overall this is one stunning country!!!!




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