Friday, June 22, 2012

Millionaire's Row and the Henley Regatta

On our way back to Henley we passed through Millionaire's Row.  Property is at a premium here and when you see these houses you will understand why it has this nickname.

But first we had to make a pit stop!  We stopped at Shiplake to get more water, empty the toilet cartridges (thank God Jane was in charge) and discard our garbage.  (That little cartridge is the toilet waste container!)

The cows were not particularly interested.

This gorgeous campground is located nearby.  It is an old fashioned camping ground with tents but regular beds in a luxury setting.

Now it's time to see the big bucks!!!

You get the idea!!!!

We cruised through Henley on our way to see the regatta course.  The Henley Regatta is a big social event and is being held next week.

The Regatta is just about ready to start.  The course is set up.  The viewing stands are in place.  The pavilion is ready and the rowers are all out practicing for the big week.

In the middle if the course lies Victoria's Folly, built for Queen Victoria who only stayed there one night!

On that note we bid Henley-on-Thames adieu. 
Next stop is Jacksonville and St. Augustine Beach, Florida, USA

We've been in England 7 weeks and it's time to go home.  But I will miss the swans.

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