Friday, March 29, 2013

Pirate Watch!!!! Not Kidding!!!

Well, we are officially on Pirate Watch.  During the next 10 days we have been given specific instructions as to what the ship is doing and what we are supposed to be doing.

Every evening at dusk we get an announcement telling us to close our curtains and turn off any unnecessary lights.  Curtains cannot be opened until dawn.

Yesterday we had a passenger pirate drill.  Anyone who has a balcony or outside cabin had to close their curtains and move into the hallway away from the doors.

You have to stay away from the doors in case a rocket propelled grenade is launched into your room!  As soon as I heard about that I told Bonnie I was going to be her new roommate if we have a problem since she has an inside room.  She said fine with her because she wouldn't want to be alone if we got in trouble.

We picked up a naval officer in Singapore.  I was happy to find out he was on board since he is the next commodore of the European Union fleet responsible for keeping all ships safe.

Then at 4AM yesterday morning we picked up a security team with weapons.  It was dark when they came on board and the weapons are stored on the bridge.  They are scheduled for round the clock watches.

At dusk each night, the crew pulls out all the fire hoses on the promenade deck and that deck is closed to passengers. We close our curtains and only use lights we really need.

The ship turns off some of its exterior lights at dusk so it is easier for them to see if anything is approaching us.

There are large acoustic devices on the exterior that can be pointed at intruders that apparently cause a great deal of discomfort.

We are traveling faster through these waters to make it harder for pirates to keep up with us.

We are considered a low priority for pirates but the ship is taking no chances which is fine by me!!!

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