Friday, March 1, 2013

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

We made our next stop in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.  It is a volcanic island in the ring of fire and the two volcanoes on the island continually spread ash.  Needless to say that with my upper respiratory recovery underway, I had no intention of being outside long.  Add to that this is the only port we have that had a malaria warning both Carolyn and I decided we would have to pass.

It is a beautiful island but very much native.  As we entered the port I felt like we were entering equatorial Africa.


This is the capital city....

It is an extremely poor county and only 4 cruise ships visit it annually.

Here is a native in his outrigger.  Clothing is optional here and until 80 years ago, their only export was seashells.

I watched a special on the TV about Kuru, a disease that studied in New Guinea and believe me if you were not a vegetarian before, you would  be one now.  Turned out is was the same disease as mad cow.  HOWEVER they acquired it by practicing something called MORTUARY CANNIBALISM.  Yes, you read correctly.  It was common practice until outlawed in 1960 for the women and children to roast and eat their dead.

Even though the practice was outlawed, people continued to get the disease and die.  It has now been determined that the spontaneous nature of the disease can incubate up to FORTY YEARS!!!!  That little known fact and that it is the same disease as mad cow means that it could be incubating in meat eaters even as we speak.  When the disease jumps species, the incubation period lengthens.

So how are you feeling about that steak or hamburger now????????

Next stop is Japan!!!

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