Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shanghai, Skyscraper Central!!!

We arrived into Shanghai in absolutely horrid weather, cold and rainy...

Shanghai is the economic capital of China where old and new co-exist but mainly it is new!

Our first stop was a stunning Buddhist Temple frequented by the locals.  It houses numerous Buddhas and many of the locals come to pray and worship daily.  While we were there the priests were chanting and it was a real experience.



The temple itself is a stunning array of Buddhas, lanterns and beautiful antique fabric steamers. 




It is known for its jade Buddha which could not be photographed but photos were allowed of this huge reclining marble one.

There were happy Buddhas, angry Buddhas, laughing Buddhas, every imaginable Buddha but all stunning and all worshipped.


After leaving the shrine we traveled to the Emperor's home which was also a beautiful place complete with temples, living accommodations, gardens and koi ponds.



Then it was off to this shopping plaza that very much complemented the Emperor's former home next door.  Shopping in China is a real experience with a log of haggling.. You start at 500 yuan to end up at 100 yuan.  We learned that later but at least now we know....

Shanghai is a real contrast of old and new.  I have never seen as many skyscrapers in one city,  They can be seen in every direction for as far as the eye can see.  It is unbelievable...

However the contrast can be seen by the old building shown in the foreground of these pictures....a real contrast but that is Shanghai!

Next stop Hong Kong!

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