Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amsterdam, Holland (No, I didn't visit the "smoke shop" but should have......)

So our next stop was Amsterdam which was really not my kind of city.  (Maybe I should have found the smoke shop, would have enjoyed it more.)

Here is a windmill for which Holland is famous.

And we did visit the Anne Frank house which was tremendously moving.  No photos were allowed but that didn't stop Dad, no siree!  He popped that flash big time right at the bookcase that led to the secret annex.  And he got nailed immediately.  I think he used the age card to get out of trouble, said he didn't hear the instructions.  (Personally, I think he didn't know how to turn off his flash and would have got the shot anyway.)

When I get home I'll get it from him and post it here.  I wish I could have got that picture myself.

I was surprised that the annex was on two levels and was a very sobering place to visit especially when you realize that none of them survived except her father. Both Anne and her sister, Margot died two months prior to liberation.  Her mother was gassed upon arrival and Peter, her first crush, died just one month prior to his camp's liberation.  To this day, no one knows who turned them in.

The place is packed with long lines and tons of people jammed into a small space.  Trust me, it was hot in there. So if you plan to go, know that in advance and go with a tour.  Tours bypass the lines and go right in.  (I had read that on tripadvisor so we booked a shore excursion.)

It is one place that should not be missed.

After that we took a tour of the city.  A few canals and a big city but I found a couple of things to photograph. 

This is the floating flower market with a tour boat passing by.

And here is a nice shot of one of the prettier canals.

And this is a picture of one of Amsterdam's most famous hotels, the Amstel.  Apparently it is where diplomats and rock stars alike always stay.  You can tell I was desperate for photographs.

Next time I visit this city I'm going to the smoke shop then visit the Van Gogh Museum.  Now that will be an experience!!!

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