Friday, May 27, 2011

Helsinki, Finland...what can I say

Next stop was Helsinki.  It's a clean, pleasant city but not particularly interesting other than being the capital of the country. 

We did see these eons old ice age islands upon entry into the port.

We took a boat tour around the harbor for 90 minutes which was about 45 minutes too long.  The most interesting thing we saw was this old submarine and these icebreakers.  (Helsinki's port freezes solid in winter.)

The city has two notable churches.  The first is a Russian Orthodox one.

And the other is a famous Rock Church, blasted out of sold rock.

I thought the most interesting architecture was the central train station.

We saw this sculpture and park dedicated to the memory of the famous composer Jan Sibelius.

The Olympic Stadium and sculpture dedicated to gold medalist Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn.

And the Senate Building.

I have now been there, done that.  The highlight for me was the market where I bought some really cute handmade tote bags. Bye, Bye Helsinki!


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