Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Talinn, Estonia...They really tried

Our first port of call was Talinn.  Let me begin by saying that these people really try to keep the tourists happy.  After years of oppressive rule, they are trying to get tourism going and you can tell they work hard at it.

It has a pretty medieval town you can visit.  Unfortunately, we only saw a small part.  Somehow we ended up on a "highlights" tour which showed us a lot of previous communist built buildings and some of their newer ones of which they are very proud.  We did manage to get into part of the old town so you will see some of it.

Warning:  If you plan on visiting Talinn, make sure you have thick soled shoes.  Those cobblestone streets are killers.

Here are some views of the old town and the old city wall and gates that surround it.

We also saw some beautiful architecture and the city's premier Russian Orthodox Church.

And this next picture pretty much sums up the feeling of the old town.  These old carts are actually a sidewalk business selling roasted almonds they make in old iron pans.  Attractive women in period dress hawk these treats throughout the city.  When you visit, buy some.  They are delicious!!

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