Friday, May 27, 2011

The Copenhagen Curse

I don't think Copenhagen is a good city for me.  Things just go wrong there.  (Remember, that's where we got all messed up earlier when we were changing ships.)

We packed and got off the ship early so we could meet our driver for our transfer to the airport.

And we waited, and waited, and waited.  After two frantic phone calls our driver finally showed up 30 minutes late.  He said he had been caught in traffic.  Yeah right, it was 8 AM on a Sunday morning!

So we make it to the airport with what seems to be plenty of time.  It was 9 AM and we had a 10:30 flight for London on Easyjet.  What a nightmare!  One person was checking in passengers, there was no escalator to get carry on luggage up (just stairs).  I had Dad's bag and he forgot and left liquids in it.  Jane's bag was randomly caught for a full search and the gate was what seemed like a mile a way!  The airport actually has the minutes written on the floor to tell you how far it is to the gate. 

We were a good distance away when I heard the announcement  "Miss Lewis, final call for Easyjet Flight."  OMG, we are never going to make it.  We were strung out all way down the corridors rushing for that flight.  I tried to explain that my 88 year old father was behind me with someone who was ill. No sympathy whatsoever.  So to stall, I slowly took my bag one step at a time up the stairs to the plane until our final traveling companion made it to the gate. I figured they weren't going to leave with me standing on the stairs! As soon as we were in our seats, that plane was gone!

Good-bye Copenhagen, hello London!

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