Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark New Ship, New Adventure!

We arrived in Copenhagen, the last stop of our transatlantic cruise, where we left the Norwegian Sun and boarded the Vision of the Seas.

Our bright idea was to take a shore excursion from the Sun, return to port by 2 PM and get on our new ship.

Didn't work out that way.  The shore excursion guy told us a big fib.  Here we were in the middle of Copenhagen when our guide stops the bus and says we will take an 2 hour break before continuing with the tour for another two hours.  Huh??  That meant we wouldn't be back in time to make our next ship!!

Needless to say, after a short freak out, our guide put us back on the bus with another hapless passenger who was in the same boat, and brought us back to the port.  So, in short, we didn't get to see a lot of Copenhagen but here are a few shots.

Copenhagen is a clean city full of canals and bicycles.

It is home to Tivoli Gardens which we whizzed by.  Walt Disney got his inspiration for Disneyland after a visit to Tivoli which is not only a beautiful garden but full of amusements . (You can just see the name at bottom.)

Copenhagen also has this communal garden where residents can grow their own vegetables.  It has these small houses where the owners can stay and share communal bathrooms, sort of like an RV park.

This is where the Queen stands to address her people and make official proclamations.

And this is where we freaked out.  It is the main shopping, eating and hanging out area for Copenhagen.  We were off the bus, freaked out, then back on the bus!

Ah, but not before insisting they take us by Copenhagen's most famous site.
The Little Mermaid.

So after our little adventure we headed back to our new home
RCL's Vision of the Seas.

On our way out of the port of Copenhagen we saw these windmills in the sea 
which provide power to the city.

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