Monday, May 30, 2011

Rosary Cottage Week Two

My father, Uncle Les and his girlfriend, Jane, left after a week. Then my cousins and a family friend came to stay for a week. Their group included my cousin Patty, her nephew Jimmy and family friend Dot Bacot.

Patty teaches geology at the local junior college has an adventuresome spirit.  Jimmy is her sister Debby's son, my handsome second cousin who is a sweetheart.  Dot is an absolutely charming lady who has been a long time friend of Patty's family.

 I was exhausted after 4 weeks of travel and spent most the week resting and catching up, recreating the previous 4 weeks on my blog.  They however went off on their own adventures using the local buses and train to visit Wales, Stratford and London.

They also walked the Cotswold Way which is a beautiful trail through the Cotswolds that begins in Chipping Campden.

Their adventures cracked me up especially the role Jimmy plays. Jimmy has been deaf since he was an infant and his aunt communicates with him via sign language.  Although Patty does the listening, she definitely is not the one to hold the keys, money or tickets. It's Jimmy that keeps them out of trouble.

They always give Jimmy the tickets. You can imagine what happens when the conductor comes through the train looking for tickets. He tries to communicate with Jimmy who is deaf. Then he realizes that not only is this kid deaf but he also is looking out for the two old gals traveling with him!  Trust me, that is an automatic pass even if they have the wrong tickets, are in the wrong seat, wrong anything.  Nobody and I mean nobody gives them a hard time. 

Here they are the night we had Indian food.  I tasted Patty's dish and gasped how hot it was.  Patty had a little taste and smugly stated it was alright by her.  Then she took a second bite....this was her reaction!

We had set up closed caption on the television for Jimmy. However, I quickly realized that I had been missing a lot of the dialogue because I often couldn't understand the English accent.  Although Jimmy has left, closed caption has stayed and TV is far more enjoyable now!

One final anecdote I have to add is their visit to the local guild hall where the local artists sell their wares.  The three of them saw this large exhibit of  intricate papers that were on display.  The paper displays were beautiful and Dot wondered aloud if perhaps they were a type of origami.  Dot, who married an accomplished artist, is quite educated and experienced in art.  She commented on the texture and unique design.  Finally the lady who was minding the shop couldn't stand it any longer.  She commented that the papers they were admiring were the covers for the paintings underneath, an exhibit that opened the following day!

I howled with laughter when they told me and probably would have peed my pants had I been with them!

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