Friday, May 27, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden...nice place if you can afford it!!

Our last port of call was Stockholm. 

The entry into the port was gorgeous.  The ship enters via a long waterway lined with beautiful homes and scenery.

This will be my home in my next life when I'm thin, beautiful, wealthy and Swedish.

After we arrived we set out on our tour of the Old Town and Royal Palace.
That's Dad sitting high in the saddle with a premier vantage point.

We arrived just in time for the changing of the guard.

So now we are at the Royal Palace.

After St. Petersburg I have to admit it was somewhat of a letdown.  But it does have some beautiful elements like this statue, light on the staircase and painted ceilings.  (No flash is allowed and it was rather dark but I did the best I could.)

The most beautiful parts of this palace to me were the phenomenal chandeliers and friezes on the ceiling.  The incredible sculptural elements on the ceilings rivaled St. Petersburg and were spectacular.

Here is a quick look at some of the rooms.  Note the spectacular chandeliers.

This is the largest Sevres porcelain in existence.

And this charming lady sculpture is known for her great butt!!
(Note the strategic mirror.)

The palace also had a beautiful collection of decorative objects.

After our palace visit we were off to see Stockholm's Old Town.
It was the coldest day of the entire cruise and about to rain so we didn't get far.

Here's Jane (hand under chin), Uncle Les and Marsha who was freezing her butt off!!

We saw this lady drinking something from a huge bowl so decided to try some local treats.  It turned out to be a MEGA cafe au lait so we joined the natives for an afternoon snack.

Before leaving Stockholm we saw the city's smallest sculpture.

And with that we bid Stockholm adieu.

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