Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. Petersburg, Russia Romanovs/ Alexander Palace

There is a little known palace next to the Catherine Palace called the Alexander Palace.  It is not opulent like its neighbor but more of a home than a showplace.  It was here that the Romanovs lived, the last tsar of Russia. 

And it was here that they were arrested before being sent to Siberia and executed.

Nicholas and Alexandra (the granddaughter of Queen Victoria) had a life long love affair which has been documented by the many letters to one another that have survived.

They had five children, 4 daughters and their youngest, a son.  They preferred living in this palace due to its homey atmosphere.  What follows are the pictrues taken in their former home. 

This is not a well known place, nor has it been cared for with the same interest as the other Russian palaces.  It is however, a touching place that reflects a family living comfortably in their home before their world was shattered.

These pictures show the family living quarters.

Nicholas loved to play billiards.  These are two pictures of his billiards room.

And this is the room where the family was arrested before being sent to Siberia.

The palace also included some items that had belonged to the family. 
Here are Alexei's toys.

Nicholas uniform and other clothes that belonged to the Royal Family

The white jacket seen hanging in this closet is the one that Nicholas wore only once,on his wedding day.  Touchingly, in the pocket was found a note declaring his undyng love for his wife forever .

The family was executed 11 months after their removal from this palace and their remains were not found until 1979. (Two of the children's remains were not found until 2007.)  The family was canonized as martyrs by the Russian Orthodox Church and are buried in St.Peter and Paul Cathedral. 

Sadly, this is the ending of their story.

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