Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vision of the Seas Our New Home!

We switched ships in Copenhagen to begin a 7 day cruise of the Baltic.  Although the Sun was also cruising the Baltic, the price was right on the Vision of the Seas so we jumped ship.  Hey, you can't beat $795 plus tax for your own room for a week long cruise.  And those sharing each only paid $475 plus tax.  The price was right!!!

The problem was that the rooms were on Deck 2.  My Uncle Les said the man leading them to their cabins had on a snorkel! 

No way Dad would go for Deck 2.  He insisted that he and I move up to a higher deck.  I was fine down there and offered to only move him but he said no way and that is how I ended up in a 2 bedroom suite. 

Let me tell you, this was probably my one and only chance to stay in a suite but I have now decided that I was born to live that way!  It wasn't fancy but it sure was roomy.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms (mine had a full size shower/tub), big living room and balcony which was a huge leap from Deck 2!

Here's Dad lounging in the living room....

And here was my BIG bedroom with balcony.  (Of course I still sucked at taking pictures so it's kind of dark but you get the picture.)

And of course we made our way into our usual hangouts, the restaurants and casino! That's Alice and Marsha with wine bottles and glasses in each hand!

And this is Alice at her usual spot on the 3 Card Poker table.  She sat at those tables so long that by the end of both cruises I think she knew everyone on the ship!!

Uncle Les and Jane are in their usual places.  (Note the hand under chin.)

And this is Dad standing on the balcony of the suite in his robe.  I don't think cruising is his thing.  It was the happy face that gave it away.

Oh well, I gave it my best shot!  Now on to the Baltic capitals!

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