Sunday, June 17, 2012


We finally arrived into Canterbury!

It is a busy town surrounded by an ancient city wall.

The streets were teeming with tourists and locals as we made our way to the Cathedral.

And here is Canterbury Cathedral!

The cathedral is of course the high church and home of the Anglican faith.  It is huge and stunning.

It is also famous in history as the place St. Thomas a Becket was murdered.  Although the story goes that he was mortally wounded and struggled to this spot where he died in this smaller alcove......

most historians believe he was actually murdered on these steps nearby.

It is also the burial place for the Black Prince, one of England's most famous knights who was given this nickname not because he was evil but because he wore black.

This candle that burns in the center marks the spot where a glorious gold monument once rested that honored Thomas A Becket.  It was supposed to be enormously valuable and hundreds of years of precious offerings were housed there.  Unfortunately when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries he took the gold with him.

This fresco and the ornamental stone work date to the 12th century.

And this is chapel of St. Augustine who preached here.

On our way out, Michael showed us this 15th century pub that was built on an early Roman amphitheater erected about the same time as the Colosseum and was the largest one in Britain.

Watling Street that runs in front of it was a main Roman road that was the only direct street from Dover to London until 1964!!!

Canterbury Cathedral.

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