Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cgr-y-Penrhyn Welsh Men's Choir...Boy, were they good!

Wales has a long history of men's choirs.  Idwal is a member of a very popular one and invited us to come to their practice.  We were NOT disappointed. They were FANTASTIC!!!  And oh so sweet to us.

Of course all the conversation was in Welsh so we had to kind of guess what was going on for awhile but we watched as they practiced......

First it was the bass and baritones, then they were joined by the tenors......

The men usually wear their tuxes to perform but although tonight was a practice, they formally introduced us and stood to sing us two of the songs they perform, Myfanwy and Benedictus.

During their break, they welcomed us and chatted us up.  They were very sweet and kind and we thoroughly enjoyed their sweetness, their thoughtfulness and especially their music.  It was absolutely fabulous!

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