Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lost Gardens of Heligan....

On we drove after leaving the Eden Project  through more beautiful countryside and gorgeous views.

We were destined for the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  I am not really a formal gardens kind of girl so really wasn't looking forward to it but my friend loves gardens so we decided to include it our itinerary.  Boy was I wrong!!  There is very little formal about these gardens.  They are my kind of gardens.  Varied, wild, different around every corner.

Having been created in the 18th century, the gardens had been abandoned after World War I.  In 1990 they were discovered again and the drive to re-establish them was begun. 

They are remarkable and rank as one of my favorite gardens.

Initial entry into this vast series of gardens appears formal and structured.

But that is just the beginning.  As you meander through along the paths, a spectacular array if varying trees, flowers, walkways, etc. unfolds before you.  Random, wild and beautiful, around every corner is a surprise and I loved it.

On and on the differing paths take you on a fascinating journey full of surprises and natural beauty.

Then suddenly as you turn the corner you will find something like this Italian Garden.

This garden is a beautiful place to visit and I only saw part of it.  It is beautiful, random, interesting, peaceful, challenging and awe-inspiring all at once.  Some areas are bright and airy, others are dark and brooding, but all are different.

Perhaps my favorite was this bed of of fallen flowers.  It makes you want to lie down and curl up in the blossoms, doesn't it.


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