Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here Comes the Sun......Cornwall's Coast!

After a miserable day before, the sun came out in all it's glory.  I promise you I will NEVER complain about the sun in Florida again.  Not after what this trip has been like.  Rain, rain and more rain although we did have a few good days in the Cotswolds and a glorious week in Wales.

Now it looks like Cornwall is the place to be with beautiful sunny skies while the rest of England is flooded, cold and miserable.

Today we rode down the coast road taking in Cornwall's beautiful coves and beaches.  The British vacation here with their children so they can enjoy the sea but the sea is FREEZING so most, not all, wear wet suits!

Down country lanes along the coast we went encountering cars and horses on these one lane roads...

First stop was Port Quinn, a rocky little inlet.....

Followed by Polzeath, a popular surfing area.  The surf doesn't look like much but apparently when we get those tropical storms and hurricanes the waves here grow to 10 feet.

On down the cost on our one lane roads and oncoming traffic....

Then we visited Daymer Beach before visiting a special little church.  That's Padstow in the distance.

We really enjoyed this little church in the middle of this golf course.  St. Enodoc was buried in the sand for two centuries before being rediscovered.  We followed this little path across the golf course..

The church is located in the center of the course so we had to watch for golf balls being driven......

Not kidding......

It's a sweet little thing with beautiful views out over the sea....

We visited Rock where the royal princes vacation......

Although 10 minutes by ferry from Rock to Padstow, it takes 30 minutes by car to find a way around the estuary.  That's Padstow in the distance.

Then it was on to Padstow.

Rick Stein, a famous British chef has a seafood cooking school here and a famous restaurant (loved this chandelier.)

We also visited St. Petroc, a famous local church.

I am not a big fan of cemeteries but there was something about this one which was beautiful, serene and peaceful.

On we traveled down the coast through more local beaches and awe inspiring vistas.  I'll just let you enjoy the view!

See that house on the far left at the bottom of the picture.  That is where Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Prime Minister, used to vacation.  With one road in and against the sea it was easier to secure.

  We stopped for lunch at the Bedruthian Steps located right by the coast.

Followed by more gorgeous views..........

Then it was a quick visit to Newquay (pronounced New-key).

It has a partying, young crowd reputation as noted by this Glow in the Dark Diner!

Our final stop was the quaint city of Truro with Cornwall's only cathedral.

The cathedral was beautiful with many of the architectural features we have come to expect from these gorgeous British churches.

But once again, the most poignant was the memorial to Britain's war dead.  This one was dedicated to the men that died in the Boer War.

The Americans could learn a lot from the way the British honor their war heroes.

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