Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thames River Adventure....3 Women in a Boat!

We have now reached the final leg of our 10 week adventure.  We started on a boat and we are ending on a boat albeit a much, much smaller one!

We boarded the Geanna in Henley-on-Thames to begin our Thames River adventure.

Henley is a pretty little town that borders the Thames and where the Henley Regatta is held annually (but more about that later).

Geanna is a wide beam canal boat that has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a living/kitchen area.

Here is the view from our side window.

Boat people are free spirited individuals that either live on their boats or take them on excursions.  Some are very narrow and have 2 bedrooms and others are larger than this one.  All travel the many waterways in Britain mooring up wherever there is a spot and going at a leisurely pace.  Some even have tiny gardens and flowers on them making them very homey.

After over-nighting in Henley, off we went!

I should mention that we were also the crew! 

Jane, the boat's owner, was the pilot.  Bonnie handled the ropes on the forward part of the boat and Carolyn had the ropes on the aft.  Me, I was in charge of the locks!!!

Jane would drive the boat (she let me drive for awhile, it was fun) then after we were moored for the night she would leave us to fend for ourselves.

That meant handling the generator, figuring our the hot water, etc., etc.  We did alright considering we were novices!!

Okay, that's a lie.  Actually Jane and Alan had to rescue us a few times.  The generator alarm bells went off, we blew the power circuit, Carolyn's toilet cartridge leaked, I ended up in a cold shower (while washing my hair) because the water wasn't properly heated and it took me 4 days to realize that the reason my mattress kept falling off the bed was because I hadn't pulled out the frame properly.

But other than that we are doing pretty good!

Next post be prepared for some stunning scenery!

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