Thursday, June 14, 2012

Minack, Porthcurno Land's End, Newlyn and Mousehole...

When I tell you I adore a place, believe me, I adore it!  And I adored the setting of the Minack Theatre.  What a stunning place, it took my breath away.  The pictures hardly do it justice, it is absolutely gorgeous.

The theatre offers a variety of performances and is perched on the side of the cliff with awe inspiring views.

It is surrounded by a drop dead gorgeous succulent garden.  I got the name of the nursery that supplies the plants and am going to see what seeds I can get to grow in Florida.  These plants were beautiful.

On our way out (and in) we traveled through Porthcurno.  It's claim to fame is that this is the point from which the first transatlantic cable was laid.  They have a telegraph museum here as well.

As we were leaving we came across this hedge cutting machine.  I always wondered how they did that and now I know!

On to Land's End.  This is pretty much it.

We stopped by Sennen Beach too.  It is a favorite with the British because it is considered a very large beach.

Then it was on to Newlyn where the fish are caught that feed the island.  Most of the fish consumed in the UK comes from this town.

The harbor houses the fishing fleet and the building in the back is where the catch is sorted and sold.

In the distance you can see St. Michael's Mount.

After Newlyn we drove to nearby Mousehole.  That's mou-zull not mouse hole!

It is a sweet little village fronting the sea.  Very cute and picturesque.

After leaving Mousehole, Sylvia drove down this long lane to see a special little cove called Lantana.

It was worth the drive!!

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