Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hever Castle....

On Sunday, Bonnie and I visited Hever Castle.  It is a beautiful castle set in gorgeous grounds. 

Bonnie and I had a picnic lunch like the rest of the many families that were visiting.  It is a beautiful place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

The castle itself is rather small and was completely restored in the original Elizabethan style by John Jacob Astor in 1900.  He moved to Hever stating that America was not a fit place for a gentleman!

No pictures are allowed on the interior but most of the rooms were rather small for what you would expect from a castle but beautifully panelled with 15th century paneling and large luxurious fireplaces.  A few of the rooms were much larger for entertaining but not the great halls you would expect of a castle.

The Boleyn family had only about 50 servants and when Henry came to call he would come with hundreds of attainers throwing the house into an uproar.  He had a nearby castle Bolingbroke, where most were housed but still it was overwhelming to entertain the king in such a small castle.

After Ann's execution the family fell into disrepute and their home was given to Anne of Cleves.

Hever castle is known for its gardens and beautiful roses.  Here is the entry to one of the mazes, the roses and the swans and ducks that grace the area.

When Astor refurbished the castle he added a "village" in the back to house his retinue of 200 servants.  He would entertain at Hever on a grand scale!

Hever Castle is not to be missed when visiting England!!!

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