Friday, May 4, 2012

Ahhhh! Sorrento and Il Nido

We made our way to Sorrento on a direct train from Arezzo to Naples then via Sorrento Limo who picked us up at the station.

Although I love just about every area of Italy, my absolute favorite accommodations are in Sorrento at Il Nido.  It is a small hotel run by a wonderful family and I have stayed here 5 times, loving it every time.

The view over the Bay of Naples will blow your mind, day or night.  The sunset is spectacular and at the night the lights across the bay twinkle on the water. 

Just check out this view from the terrace where we have breakfast and dinner.  That's Vesuvius in the background.  And here's the view from my room!

When you awake, Dino has the breakfast buffet ready to go and it is HUGE.  Eggs, bacon, assorted meats, cheeses, fruit, yogurt, breads and the most delicious breakfast desserts!  There are three kinds of coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate as well as a machine that dispenses fresh orange juice when you throw in a few whole oranges.

 Here's Dino who has been working since 6AM and will be here until after dinner.  His brother, Gianni cooks and drives the shuttle while his sister cleans the rooms. Like I said , it is a family hotel.

Without a doubt, Il Nido is a dream place to stay.  They even a shuttle that takes its guests in and out of town and excursions that will pick you up right at their door.

I love this place as do ALL of my friends who have stayed here with me! 

                                               Just cannot get enough of this view!!!

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  1. I remember you spoke of Il Nido in Savannah. I would love to stay here. Thanks for posting this reminder. Your trip is really lovely and knowing how you love to plan I just want to say: "Well done, YOU!"