Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello England! Wow, look at the size of that gun!!!!!!

Carolyn and I bid Reva and Laurie adieu at Naples airport and took off for London Gatwick.

Upon arrival, on our way to passport control, I came around the corner and whoa!!!!!  There stood this HUGE British police officer build like a MAC truck (and really cute), holding the  biggest gun I have ever seen in my life!  It was GIGANTIC.  It was a bit scary until he smiled sweetly and said, "Hello, welcome to London."

Further along were the other officers with the dogs.  The Brits mean business.  My friend, Bonnie flying in from the US to meet us, said she didn't see anything but apparently flights from Italy were getting the big warning!!

Richard picked us up and drove us to our cottage in Chipping Campden.

We arrived at our cottage and really love it!

We have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two sitting rooms, two kitchens and a little garden.  Here is my sitting room and princess bedroom.

There is a very pretty, sweet small garden.

The weather totally sucks after our gorgeous weather in Italy but we have been promised a beautiful, albeit cool, weekend.

The Cotswolds is a gorgeous area strewn with awe inspiring beauty, small villages and gorgeous architecture.

Chipping Campden is a very pretty town that was built over the last 600 years.  Constructed of Cotswolds stone, it owed it's early wealth to the the wool merchants.

For more pictures of the town see my earlier blog entry from last year which has loads of pictures of the town.

Next stop is Highgrove, the home of Prince Charles!

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