Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful Montepulciano, Pienza and Paolo

I love pretty much all of Italy but for sheer scenic beauty, Tuscany and Umbria are hard to beat.

In the heart of it lies Montepulciano with it's achingly beautiful views, it is a Tuscan favorite.

I had stayed here once and this is the exact view I had from my window.  I stood in the same place so I could take this shot.  It was about 50 feet from the cantina where my friends wore a path during our last stay. This time however, Paolo took us down, down, down into the cellars to see a 2500 year old Tuscan tomb, 2000 year old Roman cellar as well as the huge wine casks stored in the upper basement.  No pictures because I could hardly see to get down there, much more take a picture!!

Here are a couple shots of the main square.  This building is the town hall and where the flag throwing scene from Under the Tuscan Sun was shot.

And here is a medieval well with the crest of the Medicis above it with the white balls.

Paolo then drove us down to see San Biagio church, a beautifully designed church within some breathtaking scenery.

The church is beautifully constructed and designed with travertine marble and some gorgeous frescoes.

After Montepulciano we were off to our final stop, Pienza.

Pienza was designed by Pope Julius II as the perfect medieval town.  It is also where the movie Romeo and Juliet were shot.  Tiny and perfect, it is picturesque town with beautiful flowers and take your breath away views.

The duomo.

And the view.

And the view in front of the view.

Not what you were expecting??? Okay, so I've taunted you with comments about our handsome driver but have never shown him to you.  Here he is!!! 

Okay, okay.

Well, here's his car...............

And here's Paolo......

Trust me if I could have sedated him, packed him my suitcase and flown him home I would have done it.  But alas we will have to leave him here to break some other hearts.

Ciao, Ciao Paolo and beautiful Tuscany.

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