Thursday, May 24, 2012

Winchester Cathedral and The Round Table....

I can hear you singing the tune right now!  Been playing in our heads all day but we can't remember the words to anything but the first two lines!  Oh well, here it is....

It is in a beautiful, serene area of Winchester...

Winchester Cathedral is an ancient church full of history.  Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) married Philip of Spain here, very old Anglo Saxon kings are buried here as is Jane Austen.

This chapel and these tiles date to the 12th century

Jane Austen is buried here.

As is St. Swithin.....

And a bunch of kings who ruled prior to 1000.  They are kept in these casks waaaaay up at the top of the cathedral.

I have always been taken with how the British honor their war dead.  Memorials are found throughout the country, none more than at Winchester cathedral where the memorials are found virtually everywhere.  They not only create beautiful memorials inscribed with the names but also record them in these beautiful books.

After leaving Winchester Cathedral we traveled a mile down the road to The Great Hall to see the Round Table which is believed to have been constructed sometime in the 12th or 13th century.  All that remains of the castle are these underground passageways and the Great Hall.

And here it is!

Ta-Dah!  Now on to Chawton, home of Jane Austen.

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