Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Sorrento!!

Sorrento is a sweet little town about an hour from Naples.  We have a driver pick us up at the train station but you can also take the Circumvesuviana,( a/k/a the Graffiti Train) which services all the towns in between. Sorrento is the end of the line.

Beautifully situated by the Bay of Naples, it lies under the gaze of Mount Vesuvius and some other mountains which loom overhead.  It is a pleasant town, easy to navigate.

The area is known for its lemons and lemon products.  Look at the size of these babies!

You can buy lemon soap, lemon scent, lemon biscotti, pretty much everything lemon but the most popular is Limoncello which is a "digestivo" and usually drunk after dinner.  I like how the Italians use that word to describe it as a digestive aid.  However, it is about 30% alcohol so my assumption is that after one of these you really don't care how your digestion is doing!

We cruised the town shopping and stopped at this great little outdoor cafe for lunch.

It was situated across from this ancient opera house and I took this shot while I was waiting for my spaghetti to show up.

While we were eating a 4 piece street combo showed and started playing for tips and they were GOOD, especially the clarinet player.  

Sorrento is full of narrow lanes and lots of shopping.

One day Dino, our hotel host, told us where the locals get the best pizza so of course we had to try it.  Great little place in a narrow alley.

Here's Carolyn chowing down!

At the end of our little adventure we went to the "meeting point" and caught the hotel shuttle home.

Thus ends another Italian adventure.  Tomorrow we fly off to London to begin the next part of our trip.  I will miss Italy.  I always do.  There is no place like it.   However.....

I will be back.

Ciao, ciao beautiful Italy.

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