Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Le Celle, Siena and more with Paolo!

I had planned two excursions with a private driver during our stay in Cortona.  So bright and early Monday morning our driver came to get us.  Naturally I was the last out the door.  As I came around the corner sitting there was this sleek black Mercedes with one HOT Italian man standing there with the doors open.

OMG, it was Paolo.  Handsome, middle aged, beautiful salt and pepper hair, well tailored suit, dark sunglasses and M-A-N written all over him.  It was worth the price just to sit next to that much testosterone for 10 hours.  Not to mention that take no prisoners machismo.

                                                  He had me at "buon giorno".

He was our leader and we were happy to follow.  If he had stopped short, we probably would have run into him!

Our first stop was Le Celle.  St Francis of Assisi spent several months here in prayer and solitude and it is a beautiful, spiritual place.

After Le Celle, we made a quick stop at Il Sodo, site of a recently excavated tomb dating from the time of the Etruscans which was 500 years before Christ.

Not much more to see here.  The Italians have so many archaeological sites to excavate that there just is not enough money to excavate them all as they would like.

So we were off to Siena.......with Paolo.

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  1. Hilarious...he had me at Buon Giorno! Great posts.