Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We flew into Venice on April 25, met Laurie and Reva, our new traveling companions and found our way to our 2 night home away from home.  We stayed at the Locanda Di Orsaria which is a family owned hotel close to the train station for easy access.

This time I got the princess room!

Our first afternoon I acclimated my new traveling companions to Venice and there is only one way to do that and that is by vaporetto (water bus) via the Grand Canal!! 

Here are several photos of the passing scenery!!

We visited Santa Maria Salute, the cathedral built on about a zillion pilings!

Then on to St. Mark's Square.  Carolyn has always wanted to sit in the square and enjoy a drink.  See those bottles of water and one glass of wine.  That was $60!!!!!!!  Needless to say we didn't stay for dinner!

Then we walked over to St. Mark's Cathedral and the Doge Palace.  Since I had already visited it before these are some exterior shots only.

We messed around, spent some money then after two nights it was time to take our train to Tuscany.  Thank God some poor soul happened by who wanted to make some extra money so graciously dragged all of our luggage to the station.  Here we are waiting to begin our next adventure.  This is where I taught my novices how to buy train tickets and read the board.  They were excellent students!

And away we went!  Next stop Cortona, Tuscany!!

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