Friday, May 11, 2012

Highgrove, Prince Charles Home and Garden

I have always thought that Prince Charles got a raw deal and was misunderstood.  He was early into organic gardening and preservation of architecture.  Granted he screwed up and should have married Camilla in the first place, but I think he is a good man in a tough position.

We were thrilled to get tickets to see his private garden and residence as well as a champagne tea.  We were NOT disappointed.

It is an all natural, totally organic garden that reflects Charles fanaticism for recycling and all natural living.

After showing our passports and clearing security we were taken on a tour of the grounds and shown the exterior of the house.

It is a beautiful home, not too ostentatious, but certainly worthy of a royal.  I was surprised that they allowed us to literally walk right up to the front door and all around the house to see the Prince's private garden.  I especially liked his personal one where he often sits.

Prince Charles keeps and recycles tons of stuff.  Throughout the garden can be found remnants of old architectural elements from ancient churches that had been left lying about, beautiful memorials to his grandmother and even William and Harry's old playhouse!

This is a beautiful house and natural garden with tons of wildflowers, topiaries, organized flower beds with dozens of types of flowers.

I was amazed that we were able to walk right up to the front door next to the house and view Charles personal garden and favorite places to sit.  It is a wonderful tour with all the proceeds going to charity.

We had a great day and when we got home we were surprised to see Prince Charles doing the weather on the BBC channel.  He had stopped by the studio and offered to do the weather segment.  It was hysterical.  He was trying to read the teleprompter talking about the horrid weather in Scotland, lows, highs, wind speeds, etc., totally stumbling through when  all of sudden he stopped and said "who the hell wrote this?", then kept plugging away until mercifully the segment was over.  It was actually very endearing and showed Charles humorous side. 

If you get a chance to get tickets, this is a must do!!!

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