Monday, May 21, 2012

The Olympic Torch Has Arrived in England!!!

England is celebrating big time during the next two months.  First, there is the Queen's Jubilee then of course the Olympics.

It was an absolutely miserable day.  The weather here has been constantly overcast, so I turned on the telly and watched the Olympic torch arrive.  At least I could see some blue sky in Cornwall!!

David Beckham escorted the Olympic flame from Greece.  They put it in 4 gold containers in case one snuffs out.

Then Ben Aynsley, a local Olympian, started the torch on its way through the country.

He let the kids touch it as he wound his way around the Lands End.

Then passed it off to a lady named Tally Swallow, a surfer who hopes to get surfing entered in the Olympics.  No, I did not make that name up.  This is called the Olympic kiss.

And then it was on its way across the country.  We expect to see it when we get to northern Wales.

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  1. You're on the road nice to follow your travels. Haven't seen you in years but still remember our time in Savannah. Say hello to your friends for me. Have fun.