Thursday, May 24, 2012

Castle Coombe and Haunted Lacock ............

Castle Coombe is another beautiful little village we visited. We didn't stay long but here are some pictures.

This is wild garlic.

Lacock is a little village that has been in countless period movies.  Pride and Prejudice and War Horse were both filmed there.  It is even owned by the National Trust.

This place is called King John's Hunting Lodge because it was King John's Hunting Lodge!

Here's the church.....

It is also the creepiest village, known for being haunted.  It may be pretty but this place really creeps me out.  And this is supposed to be the most haunted place in England.  It is a B&B called the Sign of the Angel. 

Tim told us about some clients who thought it would be cool to stay there.  They were absolutely terrified by what happened to them.  Headless ghosts, sounds in the night, you name it.  He tried to get me to go in but no way.  He took the camera from me to take the picture to the doorway when I refused!

We also saw a most unusual item from the past.  It was a cooking spit that was turned by a dog....

The dog would run along and turn the meat over the fire.  Must be of some historical importance because the BBC had been out the month before to test it out and they cooked the entire mutton in an hour!!  (I did ask if they were making that up because we Americans will believe anything but they swore it was true!)

To me the only redeeming value of this creepy little village is its abbey.
Lacock Abbey should be familiar to many of you because......

it is Hogwart School of Harry Potter fame!!

This was our final day touring with Tim Harrison from Tour the Cotswolds.  I have toured with Tim over 20 times in the last 4 years.  He is such fun and makes it a point to make sure all his clients are thoroughly entertained.  We will miss him but there's always next year!

Now on to northern Wales and Snowdonia!

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