Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avebury, Silbury Mound and the White Horse

On we drove through Hampshire (or maybe Wiltshire, I get confused) to visit more of England's mysteries.  First up was Avebury.

Avebury, like Stonehenge, is one of those places we know little about.  There are many more stones arranged in larger circles which somehow align with the sun and moon.  Favored by hippies, wiccans and pagans, it is one of England's most mystical sites.

And here is Silbury Mound, another thing they haven't a clue as to why it was made!

And here is one of the infamous chalk white horses than can be found throughout England.  Some are very old, others newer but all fascinating and beautiful to see.

Nearby can also be found another beautiful monument to England's war dead.  This obelisk was erected after the battle of Trafalgar and sits high on the hill where it can be seen for miles.

And on we went to visit Lacock, Castle Coombe, "Hogwart School"!!!

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